personal mind trainer
keeping your mind in tune with your body

How serious are you about your love of sport? Golf, tennis, running, swimming, weights? Maybe you’re into team sports – football, rugby, cricket?

Do you sometimes lack concentration? Or motivation? Struggling to get to the next handicap level? Can’t get onto the next division or ladder? No visible improvement, despite your best efforts and those of your trainer or coach? Are you that coach or trainer or manager looking for an additional edge for your athletes?

Studies have shown that mental strength can be as much as a 10% determinant when seeking performance enhancement, and personal mind trainer can help you find that extra effort.

• Be able to focus effectively
• Learn how to exploit the power of relaxation
• Zone in to the full potential of your game

You will discover improved levels of concentration and motivation, be able to train harder and longer, and enjoy significantly improved results.

I am a qualified sports psychologist and sports hypnotist, and my clients currently include marathon runners, golfers, triathletes, and footballers, among others. Why not call me for an informal chat to see if I can help improve your sporting potential. Make the most of your efforts, and get more enjoyment from your sport!