In addition to sports performance enhancement, personal mind trainer also offers a ranges of treatments for other conditions, including those detailed below. Please note this list is not exclusive and that a vast range of treatments are availble. Please contact me to discuss.


Treatment programmes are available for a wide range of phobias, including fear of flying, arachnophobia (spiders), blood, needles, and many, many more.

Smoking Cessation
Everyone knows that smoking and excess weight and obesity can kill. It is completely irrational for an otherwise perfectly sane person to risk their life by smoking, which is of course a chosen deliberate act, not something that they are forced to do. Similarly, it is widely documented that obesity is one of the one most serious concerns affecting the nation’s health.

And yet people struggle to break the habits and behaviours that drive them to continue to smoke and not look after their bodies. However, it is possible to re-programme these behaviours to a much more positive outlook, and provide the same people with the support needed to change those habits.

Every time you inhale cigarette smoke, 8000 different chemical compounds are breathed in, most of which are toxic, many of which are cacogenic.  Risk of diseases to the lung, throat, tongue and mouth, along with emphysema, heart and circulatory disease are all much higher for smokers than non smokers.  Then there is the financial aspect; smoking a pack a day will cost just under £11,000 (at today’s prices) in just 5 years. Just think what could be bought for that!

Individual clients respond to different treatment approaches, but typically a maximum of three sessions should be enough the lay the foundations of new behaviours which do not include the habit of smoking. One point of note here: hypnotherapy is not a silver bullet cure – no cessation technique is – and the client must have the commitment and desire to quit. However, armed with these attributes, the power of change brought about by hypnotherapy will provide an excellent chance of success.

Weight Control
Overeating is usually a symptom of an underlying emotional problem, and to that extent differs a little from smoking.  Treating the symptom alone will not work, which is one of the reasons that many diets fail when used in isolation; not addressing an underlying compulsion driving the behaviour of overeating simply won’t work. This compulsion is likely to be embedded in the subconscious mind, and can be linked to self confidence and self esteem issues, each of which could benefit from hypnotherapy.
People who overeat generally fall into one of three very categories; Comfort, Protection or Punishment, within which are several sub-categories. By focusing on the underlying root cause for the overeating, not only can it be stopped, it can be reversed, and the weight kept off.

Stress Management
One of the issues of the 21st century, stress is now a major problem, causing significant misery to thousands of people, and costing businesses untold costs through loss of productivity. PMT can offer stress management programmes to eliminate that misery once and for all.

PMT has helped several people with confidence issues, from delivering the best man's speech, to standing up and presenting in front of lots of people. We all have that confident gene, we just have to find it!