Psychological Assessment
Studies have shown that effective targeted mental strength can be as much as a 10% determinant in improving performance. There is a significant difference in psychological toughness, which could move your performance capability right up the scale! Personalmindtrainer can help you identify and eliminate any potential mental blocks and weaknesses, show you techniques for focusing in and psyching out, very effective relaxation methods, how to maintain confidence and motivation levels, and much more.

It all begins with a Psychological Assessment. This helps to identify your needs as an athlete, and is pitched around 4 key areas;

• Goals
• Solutions
• Resources
• Context

From this we construct a suitable programme, targeted at your specific requirements, and working alongside the physical programmes designed by your coach or trainer.

Relaxation Methods
Everybody can breathe; but not everyone can use effective breathing techniques to induce deep levels of relaxation, creating calmness, focus and energy. In many cases, I also use hypnosis to assist relaxation even further. It is important to relax your mind as well as muscles, and techniques such as active progressive, the Five Breath Technique, and autogenic could prove to be valuable weapons in your armoury!

Focus & Concentration
Learn the powerful use of imagery to help focus on your objectives, eliminate negative self talk, and identify the essential cues required for your chosen sport. Everyone loses concentration from time to time; I can introduce you to techniques on how to get back on the concentration trail quickly, even during competition. Having a skilled ability in mental rehearsal could provide you with a significant advantage over your competitors.

Many people are now partaking in charity events, and even with the strongest will and desire, can lose motivation. If you are a couple – partners, friends, work colleagues – who have signed up to an event (e.g. a marathon), but feel you need more support to see it to conclusion, I offer reduced rates for such circumstances. Please contact me for further details.

Sport Psychology in Use Today
So who uses sports psychologists? All top Tour golfers use a sport psychologist extensively, a high profile example being Padraig Harrington, whose wins at the 2007 and 2008 Opens was marked by his psychologist (Bob Rotella) being at his side throughout. And of course, Darren Clarke put his first Major success down to expanding his team to include a sport psychologist in 2011. Golf is a sport with such a high requirement of mental toughness, and it is hardly surprising that professional golfers are making such good use of sports psychologists services. And similar help is available to club golfers with personal mind trainer.

Sports psychology is not exclusive to golf, however. Top tennis players, swimmers, athletes, footballers, cricketers, rugby players all have access to sports psychologists either directly or via their club. All leading professional football clubs across Europe exploit sports psychologists, who are now key members of a club's backroom staff, alongside conditioning coaches and physiotherapists.

One of the most famous coaches to employ psychology as a major tenet of his training regime is, of course, Sir Clive Woodward, coach of the England team who won the 2003 Rugby World Cup. Sir Clive is widely documented as supporting sports psychology as a powerful and highly effective tool, and has led the way for other coaches in this arena.