Russell has been helping me during the past few months with improving my long distance running times, and I have seen significant improvements in my 10k, 20k, 16 mile and marathon times The combination of my physical training programmes, and Russell’s mental toughness techniques have directly contributed to my performance improvement. I have seen a massive 16% improvement in my times since starting to work with Russell. I have found goal setting, visualisations, future memories, relaxation and breathing methods – and much more! – extremely useful, and we are now working very hard in developing mental strength to beat my PB at this year’s New York marathon. I have every confidence that with Russell’s help, I will achieve my goal.
Ms SR, Marathon Runner, London
Although I have only been working with Russell over a short period of time predominately via email I am already seeing the benefits in understanding my mental limiters and how they impact my performance. I have started to see performance gains in my training as well as moving away from being overtly negative with some of my performances.
LM, Triathlete, Singapore
I had become concerned over a period of time that if I had one too many glasses of wine at a social event, I really suffered the following day, even to the extent in extreme examples of being unable to function properly for the entire day! At the time of the event, a few – and only a few glasses – are not a problem, and certainly do not lead to feeling drunk, but clearly this needed addressing. The psychological feeling of 'losing' the following day was also beginning to get me down. I talked this through with Russell, and he showed me how to recognise a few ''triggers' during the course of the evening, and how to think and respond in reaction to these. All this without making it the focus of the evening, and therefore potentially spoiling the event itself. Since then, I have employed these methods, and, apart from a single aberration where I didn't pay attention to the ''trigger' points, I have enjoyed all my social events, and more importantly, the following day, too!
Mrs J, Bromley
My golf performance earlier in the summer was steady, and I was playing well. However, every now and again I would lose concentration, and find I was unable to decide club selection confidently. I talked this through with Russell, and he showed me techniques which provided the capability to quickly re-focus, and bring back concentration levels, even during the round, which in turn helped those occasions when indecision called regarding club selection. I found my scores benefited from the shots saved by the introduction of these techniques, and continue to use them now whenever I find maintaining concentration a problem. I have lowered my handicap by 2 shots and has given me more enjoyment from my golf by the new found confidence in my game.
PJ, Golfer, Bromley
I was feeling extremely nervous in the final weeks leading up to a wedding where I was officiating as best man, and therefore expected to deliver a speech. The anxiety and apprehension of public speaking had started six months previously from the moment I was asked and resulted in occasions where I considered (albeit briefly!) asking the groom if I could be stood down! My speech remained unwritten since my best way of coping at that point was to ignore it. Russell demonstrated a number of relaxation and breathing methods which alleviated some of the heightened tension helping to get the speech written, and these, along with visualisation and focus techniques he introduced me to helped me to feel positive and confident as I stood to deliver a well received best man's speech. I actually enjoyed the experience and the sense of acheivement that has remained with me since.
Best Man KR, Kent

Working with Russell had a very positive effect on my preparations for the London Marathon in April 2011. During our sessions he was able to get me to focus and address all of the concerns and worries I had leading up to the event by introducing me to a number of techniques to ensure I was mentally prepared to get through the 26 miles. Russell displayed empathy and was reassuring when I had pre-race nerves, he was able to reaffirm the visualisation techniques to ensure I got round and dare I say enjoy the event. This mental preparation was an essential part of my preparation for the event complementing my physical training. Through Russell's work I have realised how important it is to be mentally prepared for such an event, and I have been able to continue to use the techniques outside of my running in preparation for a career change and relocation and meet all the challenges this is throwing at me in a much more positive way
MLB, Marathon Runner, London

Russell has also had a number of articles published in magazines including Triathlete's World, Golf Monthly, and Runner's World, as well as contributing Mental Strength chapters to a couple of books in the 'Serious About.....' series.